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P6001 : Android handheld reader


Product introduction

It’s the first smart industry handheld terminal which is used android 4.0 operation system to support all of rfid frequency band and application function in China.

It’s used widely in various industries of the Internet of Things, such as logistics transportation, electricity, goods traceability, sales management, warehouse management, goods anti-fake, anti fraud, asset management, inspection etc.

Realizing the special demands of the related industrial clients as our mainly target. It’s flexible base on customized and modular combination, to solve the core issue of the customers, provide a solid foundation for customers’ mobile internet of things applications.


Product advantage

The first industry handheld terminal which adopted Android 4.0 operation system in China, offer a wonderful user experience.

The first industry handheld terminal which used Qualcomm 1.2Ghz 4 kernel high-speed processor chip in China, with strong performance, Leading hardware parameters.

The first industry handheld terminal which can read and write LF(134Khz), HF(13.56Mhz), UHF(435 Mhz, 900 Mhz, 2.4Ghz, 5.8 Ghz) and full-frequency band of rfid tag in China, with one or two-dimensional bar code scanning and engine.

The first Android extensible industry handheld terminal whichsupport ZigBee in China

The first Android extensible industry handheld terminal which supports Ethernet protocol, used in limited wirelessnetwork industrial environment, such as military ana police station.

The first Android industry handheld terminal based on adopted modular construction design concept, perfectly realize all kinds of special application requirements of clients, full-frequency band rfid read and write, ZigBee communication, barcode scanning, Ethernet. According to customers’ demands, all function can be flexible combination, such as second development printer module, POS system module, the second generation ID card read module, fingerprint acquisition module and other special module


Application scenarios:

1. Storage: intelligent storage management program

2. Electricity: intelligent Inspection tour management solution, electric assets tracking management system

3. Exhibition: Access control, data acquisition solution, RFID wrist strap technology solutions in the exhibition center,

4. Manufacture: garment manufacturer’s operational sequence solution

5. Interlock: running multiple shop’s management solution

6. Express: express and logistics industry’s mobile application

7. Transportation: jeeves,smart parking’s charging solution

8. Medicine: the application of the electronic supervision of drug

9. Highroad: road traffic inspection management solution

10. Asset: Mobile assets inventory management system, routing inspection management system.

11. Traceability: products/goods traceability management system.

12. Anti-fake: cigarettes and wine, valuables’ anti-fake application

13. Sales: the retail inventory, promotion, cargo inventory management

14. Agriculture: smart agriculture and forestry management solution, Temperature and humidity monitoring system.

15. Operator: the base station inspection, network optimization


Main Parts Performance parameters


QualcommMSM8226Q 1.2GHz 4 kernel chip




EVDO:IS-95A/B、1x EVDO Rev.0/Rev.A


4 inch screen, resistive touch screen(support Screen Calibration)

Flash  Memory

 max 32GB Micro SD card

Barcode scanning (Optional)

two dimensional laser scanning, support one or two-dimensional bar code scanning


POSTF 900MHz(frequency、power、protocol, all can be customized), can be rotated 180 degree, the read range of electric power inspection tag no less than 5m


Internal network adapter, standard Ethernet RJ45 interface, support PPPOE protocol, match fixed network testing software

Remote meter reading

Can be external or internal Meter reading data communication module, such as inflared,433MHz




support bluetooth 2.1


support 802.11a/b/g


5600mAH battery capacity, adapt polymer li-ion battery


support replaceable handheld gunstock


5 mega-pixel camera, with LED flashlight



Other demands

passed the certification of the terminal software developers and compatibility testing after accessing system

Protection level

fit IP64, Resistance to dropping:1.2m




about 610g

Operating Temperature

-25℃~ 65℃

relative humidity

 5% ~ 95% (no condensing)

Android UHF RFID Reader P6001