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Construction Muck Transportation Management Solution

1. System Overview

It has been the hard issue for the construction muck management all over the country, the major problems are: unsmooth system and its operations, incomplete regulations, no matchable policies, under-developed methods, etc. all are deep-level management problems. The general phenomena for the construction muck transportation are that the random pouring, muck leakage, overloading, rude transport outside the time limit, etc. The construction muck management and transportation problems have seriously spoiled the image of the government, contaminated the city surroundings and disturbed the civilian’s life.

The whole process for the Construction Muck transportation RFID management is to adopt the RFID technology, Infrared technology and CDMA technology, etc. to conduct the real-time data acquisition on the muck vehicles in the construction sites and those entering the muck pouring centers, then send the data acquired to the local terminal devices for processing and storage, display the data with a visible interface, and send the data to the remote terminal server for the long-term storage in the database via WIFI. Thus the monitoring and management centers installed in the cities and all the districts can be connected with each other via the high-speed Internet and the server, analyze the great amount of data and process, so the demands for all government units can be satisfied and the useful evidence & guarantee can be provided for them for the highly efficient management and reasonable law implementation.






2. System Characteristics

a. Identification for vehicles with tags: realize the surveillance on the vehicles with legal plates to enter and leave the construction sites and the pouring centers, with the adoption of intelligent match algorithm, realize the electronic surveillance, thus completely eliminate the vehicle with legal numberplate from pouring randomly. 

b. Surveillance on the vehicles without tags: In order to conduct the surveillance on the vehicles without numberplates which also participate in the muck transportation, the system adopts the hi-resolution infrared camera and infrared technology to conduct round-the-clock complete surveillance on the vehicles without plates in the construction sites and pouring centers, taking photos for them. 

c. Muck Volume Statistics: according to the messages stored into the database, the system can automatically calculate the real muck volume transported from the construction sites and pouring centers, which can be the detailed scientific basis for the management departments, convenient for the management department to clearly get the real muck volume data in each construction site and pouring point, providing the evidence for the government subsidy, avoiding the negative influence by the human factors. 

d. Judgement on the vehicles breaking the rules: The system uses the complete surveillance data, according to the theory of bi-directional electronic signature, pre-judge all the vehicles on their rules breaking. After human auditing, the rule-breaking report will be finally produced. 

e. Vehicle photo shooting surveillance: Via the WIFI communication technology, the vehicles can be under surveillance by conducting the photo shooting in the construction sites and muck pouring centers. There’re two surveillance forms including the word surveillance and the incoming and outgoing photos surveillance.