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Vehicle RFID Management System

1. System Overview

With the rapid development of China’s economy, the fast improvement of people’s life, the total amount of vehicle possession has also grown rapidly. So it will also be highly emphasized by the government and enterprises on how to provide the intelligent and superior management on the incoming and outgoing vehicles inside the jurisdiction. The problems existing in the current vehicle management are: the incoming and outgoing registration procedures are too redundant, low efficiency, small flowing amount, strong intensity of human check work, terrible service effect. The current vehicle management system has complicated functions, bad targeting, which lead to the large system for only small demand, the users need to invest much more and get unsatisfactory effects.
According to the real situation and demands in the vehicle management applications, based on the UHF automatic identification technology, the Vehicle RFID management system has been widely used already.
The RFID system can identify the vehicle ID from long distance, display the messages, allows the vehicles to leave if their ID have been confirmed. Meanwhile, the system has integrated the function modules such as user management, vehicle enter and leave control, data research, etc., which has resolved the vehicle management problems effectively. The inside vehicles can easily enter and leave with no need to stop the vehicles, the outside vehicles can also be controlled effectively.
The system is suitable for the closed situations with large vehicle flow, clear vehicle destinations, with guard also, especially suitable for those large communes, industrial park, government units, group parking lot, etc.
2. System Characteristics
Realize the rapid flow of vehicles
Enhance the service quality
High suitability and safety
Practical functions, simple operations and low cost
Automatic gateway, convenient flow.