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Anti-counterfeiting RFID Surveillance System

1. System Overview:

Counterfeit and shoddy products will not only have bad influence on the social economy, they’ll also do great harm to the legal right and interest of the enterprises and consumers. To protect the interest of the enterprises and consumers, ensure the healthy development of the market economy, the government and enterprises have been spending a great amount of human and wealth on the anti-counterfeiting. RFID technology has been playing a powerful and efficient role in the field of anti-counterfeiting, logistics surveillance applications. The enterprise asset allocation can be optimized at the maximum limit with the establishment of the anti-counterfeiting and logistics surveillance schemes, and the enterprise management level and economic profit can also be enhanced accordingly, thus the rights and interest of the enterprise and consumers can be protected.
There’re problems for the traditional anti-counterfeiting and logistics schemes such as the messages are not real-time, limited, data transfer is not safe enough and faces the risk of loss as well. The dynamic digitalized anti-counterfeiting and logistics surveillance processes to cover the whole processes can’t be possibly established.According to the feature that there’s unique ID code in each RFID tag chip, connecting with the online data acquisition devices, readers and RFID printing skills, the various functions can be realized such as the warehouse management, logistics management, surveillance on sales and anti-counterfeiting, cracking down on counterfeit goods, etc. Based on the theory of data encryption algorithm, it can conduct encryption calculation processing on the product code, production lot number, validity date and other variables, the digitalized surveillance codes can be produced to establish the basic database for the anti-counterfeiting and logistics surveillance management applications.
The digitalized surveillance code can be written into the RFID chip via the encryption programs, and the digitalized surveillance codes which include the ID number can be stored into the central database through the Internet technology. The digitalized surveillance codes and RFD reading technology can connect all kinds of messages, satisfy the enterprise to realize the share of the digital messages at all links, establish the complete anti-counterfeiting and logistics digitalized surveillance schemes from the manufacturer, logistics to the clients. China has now been becoming the world manufacturing centre, so the anti-counterfeiting and logistics surveillance will become the most potential and promising markets for RFID applications.
2. System Characteristics
Wider service objects, richer service contents
Realize the organic combination of the static information and dynamic information, provide the relevant enterprises with more anti-counterfeiting, logistics and digitalized surveillance functions for the enterprise management, logistics anti-counterfeiting, wholesalers, consumers and even the government supervising departments.
Strong expandability and compatibility, can connect with the enterprise ERP system, realize the data interchange and share, provide basis and evidence for the enterprise operation and strategy.