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Logistics/Warehouse RFID Management System

Logistics/Warehouse RFID Management System

1. System Overview

In the system, the RFID tags are generally stuck onto the goods boxes and pallets, with product names, specification and other related information included……At the same time the detailed data on the goods incoming and outgoing conditions can be written into the tag, the fixed or handheld readers can be set in the warehouse and at all selling centre to identify and monitor the goods flowing. Then for all the supplying links, including procurement, storage, manufacture, packaging, unloading, transport, further processing, distribution, selling and service, etc., RFID tags can play an important role as the basic information carrier.

The Warehouse management based on RFID technology is the adoption of RFID technology in the modern warehouse management, the data information at all the links including the incoming goods inspection, storage, outgoing goods, distribution, goods transfer, inventory, etc. can be gathered, the gathering speed and precision at all links can be guaranteed, ensuring the enterprise to know in time about the real data of the inventory, keep and control the stock reasonably. The goods production lot, warranty and the else can also be managed conveniently via the scientific coding. With the use of the system goods location management function, you can know where the goods are located in time, which can help enhance the work efficiency of the warehouse management.

For the real applications, the RFID warehouse management system can reach the big carton level currently, during the incoming and outgoing, the tags stuck on the cartons can be read automatically by the readers placed at the doors, and the relevant data information can be transferred to the management system at the control centre to ensure the data can be updated in time and goods placed to the right locations. Sometimes, to better monitor the storage conditions, the related sensors such as temperature, humidity, noise, vibration sensors can be integrated into the RFID tags to oversee the surrounding condition changes.



2. System characteristics

Read the data from long distance, no need of the human to put the tags close to the reader or at the designated areas,, realize the fully automatic identification.

Support high-speed moving objects reading.

Super-low power depletion, more safe and healthy to human.

Shorten the processes, enhance the inventory check quality.

Grasp the data during the processes, improve the supply chain management transparency.

Faster, more precise and safer data transfer.Save labour cost, improve the work efficiency and economic profit.